Why are video games addictive?

Why are video games addictive?

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The video game industry is one of the most booming industries in the world. With changing times, parents are more worried about their children spending time on video games and children are spending more on video games.

As per some recent studies, roughly 8% of the gamers are pathological players. However, whatever the number may be, it is clear that a small amount of the gaming population is addicted. Now, as to why does this addiction exist, there are multiple theories and reasons.

Here are some of the most surprising reasons:

  • No end: One of the most likely features of a video game being addictive is that these games have no pre-defined ending. These games seem to continue forever. Although some players get bored and leave the game in between, there are others who find the no-defined ending feature of the game comforting.


  • Rewards: It has been found that the games that offer you in-game rewards and helps you bump your levels in the game are far more addictive than the ones that are not. Other than this, the fact that games offer you incentives and rewards boosts your morale and helps you feel recognized.


  • Instant Results: One of the major factors for video games being addictive is the fact that these games offer you instant results. When the player finds that all of their hard work is leading to some kind of reward or helps the player level up, the video games become far more fulfilling than their real life.


  • Online Gamers and Group Games: Group gaming offers the players a comfortable place where they can talk to other humans without making too many efforts. Other than this, these kinds of games also help the player to avoid social situations, which take more efforts.


There are various other issues and theories as to why video games are addictive. However, one of the primary reason seems to be that the online gaming world is far more easy to deal with than the real one.