Top 5 Games on ArcadeRabbit

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Gaming offers you pure bliss. Whether you are a pro or still a novice, gaming in moderation not only refreshes your mood and helps you feel better.

Top 5 Games on ArcadeRabbit

Our website, ArcadeRabbit offers you many free games to play and helps you enjoy your time. Here are the top ten choices of games on our website:


  • Hero Clicker: One of the most addictive and endless game, this game helps you refresh your mind instantly. Choose your hero, slay monsters, earn gold and unlock more heroes to play with. Enjoy your time with this game.


  • Best Classic Pyramid Solitaire: One of the most popular and modern versions of Solitaire is available on our website, you can play free of cost here! This game deals 28 cards face up, and the others are not shown.


  • Bike Racing: Are you a thrill seeker? Play this game and keep yourself entertained for hours. Bike Racing helps you find better pleasure than the drag races you find everywhere. The various tracks in the game are tricky and need actual skill to complete the level.


  • Basketball Hoops: Do you love basketball but are stuck indoors, here is a game to keep yourself entertained! Play at different levels in various locations and level up by showing off your amazing hoop skills.


  • Fruita Swipe: A classic mix and match free game for all, this game will keep both adults and kids entertained. All you have to do is make a chain of three or more fruits to finish a level. With limited moves, collect the desired number of fruits and level up!



ArcadeRabbit helps you find the best free games on the internet and helps you enjoy your time. With many modern and updated games, our websites are the one-stop for all arcade game lovers.