The Perfect Video Game Guide for your Kids

The Perfect Video Game Guide for your Kids

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As a parent, you may feel annoyed by your kids’ urgency to get to the next level and the sheer amount of time they spend playing games could be frustrating. On the other hand, you may think that all video games are the same.

If you are one of those, then you surely are mistaken. Not all video games are the same. There are many things you, as a parent or as an elder sibling, will have to think before handing over a video game to a kid. Here is a guide to getting the perfect video games for your kids:



  • Look at the Age: Just like films, there is an age limiting number on every game. Some games may be violent for kids below the age of 6, while other games may be too bright or too easy for older gamers. As a parent, always make sure that your child is playing the games made for their age only, to avoid unnecessary stress on your child’s mind.


  • How long should your child play? Ideally, kids should be out playing and making things. However, if you must let your little one watch TV or let them play games, there are some specified time limits you should follow. No screen time to be given for children up to 15 months. For kids up to the age of 6, only an hour of screen time is sufficient. After that, it is the parent’s discretion.



  • How to Keep your Kids away from Screens? Kids are falling in love with TVs, and video games is a big nuisance for parents. However, if you train your child since their childhood, you can actually help them in the long run. Train your kids to spend only a limited time on games and help them play interactive, simple games, as found on ArcadeRabbit.


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