Earn Money While Playing the Video Games

Earn Money While Playing the Video Games

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It seems like a dream to earn money while playing video games. Remember those days, when playing video games was deemed a waste of time. But nowadays, you can put those hours to good and get paid to play video games online, and it doesn’t require any skill. If you love playing video games online and have experience in playing those games, then you are capable of getting paid while playing video games.

To earn money, you don’t need to purchase Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox consoles to get paid. You just need a PC, the internet connection, and some gaming experience.


About Online Earning


The first question is raised in your mind is that how I’ll earn money by playing games? Then there is a simple answer to your question. As you know, nowadays big Gaming companies pay huge bucks to gamers like you to know what you’re thinking.

These companies are desperate to discover how you shop and think and why you purchase certain Video Games because your opinion helps their companies for further grow and to improve their products, and in return, they will pay you the good amount of money for your valuable opinion. In simple, they hardly need you. Right now, there are hundreds of market firms and video game companies searching for Video Game Testers, Beta Testers, and Survey Takers.

If you’re interested in online working full time or want to make some extra money, then here is an opportunity for you to make money easily. There are dozens of companies that will pay you to play video games without knowing where you live.


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Rewards for a Video Game Tester


Mostly gaming companies value your opinions and will reward you with huge prizes for sharing them. Is there anything better compared to playing video games for some extra money in your spare time? The more surveys you take and games you test, the more chances you’ll have to gather redeem and points them for money and other huge rewards such as:


Earn Cash for Testing Games


  • Get free games of the released version of the video game you’ve tested
  • Get free gaming accessories by taking part in product testing and gaming surveys jobs
  • Receive Xbox live points and vouchers for taking part in online beta video games
  • Earn cash for testing video games and answering the surveys, sent directly to your PayPal account.
  • Get Razer Products absolutely free like the gaming mouse, led keyboards, etc.
  • PlayStation plus points and vouchers for taking part in online beta games.
  • Free gift cards and e-vouchers of Amazon.
  • Get free Spotify or iTunes gift cards by taking part in-game soundtrack and music surveys.
  • Get money and free Apps by testing mobile games



Game Testing


Video Game testing or Playtesting is where the huge video game companies hire video game testers like you, who test their video games in development and report any glitches or problems they find out. Although it seems like a perfect job, where you have a chance to collect as much money as possible in your spare time without any hard work just using your gaming experience.


How much I’ll earn money while playing games


  • Taking online surveys you make from $5 to $75 each
  • You can make up to $150 in an hour by taking part in focus groups
  • You will earn money to test new games, consoles, controllers or other types of products and you can keep the tested product too.
  • The company will pay you for preview new game and movie trailers with $4 to $25 for an hour
  • The game will pay you for up to $30 to review new games


How long does it take?


Mostly gamers and users make redeem or cash their first rewards within twenty-four hours. Everyone earn money at their own pace, so, it completely depends on you.


How can I become a member?


There is a golden chance for you to earn money in your spare time. If you satisfy with our unique earning system, then you can join us by following three steps. At the beginning to start work, firstly you’ve to create an account, where you must input your accurate information, secondly choose your designation or job to start work. As you completed the first two steps, you’re ready to play video games and get paid.



Benefits of Online Video Game Tester


As the video game tester, there are lots of benefits that you can’t imagine. In this type of job, you are capable of making your own decisions. There are no deadlines you face and no one can tell you how to do and much to work. You’re your own boss and will decide how much work you have to do such as Full-time, Part-time, or Overtime.

The online gaming platform provides different types of fun-filled video games that appeal to online gamers like you. The most exciting part is that you’re enabled to test the game first before participating into the competition. In this way, you have an opportunity to feel and understand the game before trying to play it out with other players or alone. Moreover, you get matched according to your gaming experience. In simple, you can compete against other players, who have equally experience like you, in online Tournaments. That provides you with a higher chance of winning the video games.

Today, you’ve got an opportunity to earn some money, so stop wasting your time in playing games and covert your spear time into money by testing video games and get paid for each one. There are different types of jobs that you can do for money.





It is really possible for everybody to make money online while playing video games. Whether testing games, products, downloading mobile games to test or participating in online beta version tournament to compete against others. People all over the world make money each day by playing, testing, and downloading video games, and you are also capable of making money in your spare time too. So, what are you waiting for? Get Started Today!