Common Symptoms of Video Game Addiction

Common Symptoms of Video Game Addiction

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Video game addiction can plague anyone, be it a kid or an adult. Addiction of playing video games, just like any other addiction, is bad not only for your health but also for your personal relationships. However, if you can pick up the symptoms of addiction in your child or a person who is close to you, you can easily get help.

Common Symptoms of Video Game Addiction

Here are some common symptoms of those who are addicted to playing video games:

  • Spending all of their free time on gaming: One of the most common symptoms of addiction is that your child or a friend of yours spends all of their free time playing video games. Once you find that a person is spending every free moment playing games, it is time to get them help.


  • Ignores Family and friends: With various issues, personal relationships take the most damage. An addict will ignore their responsibilities, will not offer their friends or family their much needed time and will find reasons to stay back and play games. This is one of the primary reasons for a person to become addicted to video games and of an addict.


  • Health Issues: When a person plays too many video games or spends nights staying up to play games, various issues such as mood swings, weight gain, depression, anxiety, etc. might prop up.


  • Too much money being spent on video Games: Remember the moment you see your child or your friend spend too much money on video games and see them prefer games over necessities, it is time to bring in help. You need to get help for your child or friend immediately.



Addiction to anything is bad and is destructive for the human body. When you find a dear one getting addicted to playing video games, try to abet it before it becomes too troublesome for you and your dear one.