Video Games for Beginners

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Our website provides you with the best F2P (Free-to-play) video games and helps what are your looking for.


If you’re looking for to experience the gaming field and you’ve no idea where to begin, then you’re in the right place where you’ll find out the best F2P games to enjoy.


There are some Top Games for Beginners – Are you ready for this

Whether you want to play video games for fun or become the hardcore gamer, we have established a list of some great console, smartphones, and PC video games that will help you to get started.

So, you have purchased a new games console, or a powerful gaming PC, or the smartphone, and now confused about what happens next. If you are involving in the gaming activities since few years, then you’ll know which sites to go to, what publishers and developers offer the brilliant stuff and what everyone is searching forward to play. But, if you’re a new player who is starting out, it can be a little bit overwhelming. Almost 1,000 new titles are released every year on consoles and PC, and there are over 300,000 titles available on Apple App store.


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Following our Guide, for Beginners to start their gaming experience, here are Top 10 Game Titles available which will get you started.


Grand Theft Auto V

(Available to play on Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC): Grand Theft Auto series one of the most famous and enjoyable game, letting players control their avatar from a third-person perspective, customize their look and manipulate the environment either on foot or by stolen cars.



(Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3): FIFA 15 is a Sports-based Football video game developed by Electronic Arts. The game presents easy to control and simple tricks to play and this game serves as the best starter for your gaming journey. In the game, you choose your team and lead your players in the stadium against opposing, plan strategies and struggle to make as many points as possible to conquer the match.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf

(Nintendo 3DS): Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a 2012 Social Simulation game by Nintendo EAD. The game starts with you controlling the mayor of the town full of anthropomorphic animals. It brings easy to control and simple to understand gameplay and it will prove your perfect travel companion. You can start your gaming journey by selecting this game.



(PS3 and PS4): Journey acts as the best game for beginner players, where it puts the player in command of the robed figure in the massive deserts, traversing towards the mountain in the distance. During the game, other players on the same journey can be found and can assist each other, but they can’t interact via text, speech, and even they can’t share or see the names of other until after the credits of the game.




Civilization V

(Mac, PC): Civilization V lets you build your town from a tribe to a modern high-tech city. The most beautiful aspect of this complex video game is that it teaches you about culture and science develop while offering an immersive gaming experience. Turn-based Strategy and 4X are main genres of the game and it has both Single-player and Multiplayer modes. In the game, each player represents as the certain nation or ethnic group’s leader, whose main focus is to grow his society over the course of thousands of years.


The Last of Us

(PS3, PS4): The Last of Us is the brilliant title for those players who recently joined the gaming field and looking for the fantastic title to start off. In the game, you set out on an epic apocalyptic adventure, taking place in the aftermath of the brutal fungal infection. In-game, the leading characters are Ellie and Joel, are human and there are a variety of moments of extraordinary wonder and tensions. It offers the similar gameplay to GTA, however, it comes with violent gameplay.


Lego Marvel: Super Heroes

(Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PS4, PS3, PC): The Lego video games serve as the brilliant introduction of Action-Adventure genre, enabling you to change or swap between a massive range of superheroes as you struggle to complete a variety of missions. In the game, you can play co-op with your friend, enjoying the simple puzzles and funny storylines together. The marvelous games for players who recently step in into the world of games.



(Cross-Platform): Minecraft mixes the crafting, first-person exploration and building elements, released by Mojang. The game takes place in the block-based sandbox world where it enables you to manipulate the massive landscapes, building your castles, houses and whatever you want to establish while avoiding the bloodthirsty zombies and mining for minerals. The game is the perfect way to experience the endless creativity and rewarding system.



Monument Valley

(Android, iOS): Evocative and Stylish, Monument Valley masterfully and intriguing crafted puzzle video game was one of the best game of 2014. You must control the character through a series of tricky landscapes that mix optical illusions and impossible objects while exploring the world around you to reach various platforms. The game is played from an isometric perspective and you interact with the environment to find the secret passage as the princess named Ida advances to the map to find the exit.


Rayman Legends

(Cross-platform): Rayman Legends is the 2013 Platform and Single-player video game played from a side-scroll perspective, released by Ubisoft. It is the perfect game for beginners, in which they control the character named as Rayman through the game, while jumping, running, and attacking their way through numerous levels to complete the objectives. During the game, they can be gathered Lums (in-game currency) by taking down enemies, touching them, or capturing Teensies. There are more than 120 levels available to experience the pure Platform genre.


The Walking Dead

(Cross-Platform): The horrific Adventure video game of Telltale takes the acclaimed TV series and the comic book and turn them into an interactive drama where you have to make decisions over the course of the game to rescue hostages and survive as long as possible. The game blends the Horror-Survival, Graphic Adventure, Episodic and Interactive Drama elements, taking place in the fictional world like the Comic, with similar events appearing shortly after the zombie apocalypse’s onset in fictional Georgia.